Task 'N Go: Introducing the Basic package

After three years of dedication and effort poured into Task ‘N Go, we are finally ready and excited to introduce the Basic package of our SaaS solution to the world! 

By offering a solution for tracking and automation of existing task management platforms, with metrics, analytics, and prediction, Task ‘N Go is helping organizations within the IT and service industry increase productivity by enriching legacy projects and task management tools.

Our first integration is with the project management platform Microsoft Azure DevOps, and we aim to integrate with other project management platforms in the future, making Task ‘N Go a cross-platform solution. 

In the corporate world, it is a common situation for end-users within companies to find themselves devoting too much time on task management - managing the status of their daily tasks that often tend to be mundane and repetitive. This, in turn, gives rise to a monotonous routine that can generate stress and frustration, and hinder their operational efficiency.

The Basic package of Task ‘N Go is most beneficial and tailored to the needs and requirements of individuals occupying key roles withing a project, such as developers, designers, copywriters, and other professionals who feel like they spend too much time on basic task management every day. This can negatively impact their productivity and ability to complete tasks on time, as they struggle to keep up with the overwhelming workload

Within the Basic package, you get the feature “Spotify for Developers” - manageable notifications on the locked screen on your mobile phone, allowing you to update the status of your work items quickly and effortlessly with a simple three-click system (PlayPause, and Done)!

And just like playing music on Spotify, you can easily organize the status of your tasks and stay on top of your to-do list. 

And in addition to “Spotify for Developers”, you also get an “Automatically Sorted To-Do List”!

Instead of wandering around various projects within your organization, searching for and identifying the one task that requires immediate attention, this feature compiles a list of all active work items that you are assigned to. 

Task ‘N Go has an intuitive interface that allows you to view the list at any time, and arranges it based on priority, ensuring that you know which task to tackle next. 

No more wasting time on manually sorting what tasks you should be focusing on next! 

A developer spends at least 90 seconds per task and is assigned 44 tasks per month, which adds up to 3,960 seconds or at least one hour per month for task management. 

Task ‘N Go brings that time down to 5 seconds per task, which is 220 seconds or only 4 minutes per month. This results in a significant time-saving of 3,740 seconds, or one hour per developer per month.

The saved hours that employees gain from using Task 'N Go can be allocated to more productive tasks, such as improving project quality, collaborating with team members, and focusing on high-priority assignments, allowing employees to be more time-efficient.


Task 'N Go's Basic package is designed to make daily task management easy and effortless, leaving more time to focus on high-quality results. With Task 'N Go, you will never have to worry about falling behind or missing important deadlines again.

Watch this YouTube video for more information on our Basic package: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM5Y6qYOzKA 

Sign up here Task N Go and see the difference for yourself!