Spotify for Developers - Task 'N Go

Have you ever heard about or used the mobile app Spotify? 

Well, imagine having Spotify for Developers, a mobile feature that allows you to easily manage your daily tasks through clicking on one of the Play, Pause or Done buttons. Imagine not having to stress managing the daily tasks or having your manager constantly reminding you to put an estimate for them.

We have good news for you, this is possible in our platform Task ‘N Go

This product is a platform for automation of already existing task and project management platforms. It is filling the gap between them and their users. Task ‘N Go is integrated with Microsoft Azure DevOps. All users of this platform will have the chance to manage everything on DevOps through the Task ‘N Go app.

And with just a few simple clicks, everything will be auto filled in both platforms. 

Most employees working in companies that utilize task and project management platforms find it inconvenient to log in to the web or mobile app, search for the relevant task, and fill out all the necessary fields just to update the status of a work item and notify managers about the current stage of the task. This process is time-consuming and can be improved for better efficiency and productivity.

This nightmare is over with the feature available in the Basic package - Spotify for Developers. Employees in companies will receive manageable notifications on their mobile phones about their ongoing tasks, and before starting to work, all they need to do is click the Play button, and the status of the work item will be automatically changed. If they want to stop the work they are doing, they can click Pause, and when they are finished, click Done.

Benefits of Spotify for Developers:

  • No more logging in to the web
  • No more 9 clicks just to change the state of a task
  • No more wasting time and deconcentrating from real work
  • No more trying to remember how many hours you spend on a particular task
  • MORE Engaging, LESS Stress

But that is not all. We also have something for the Second-level and C-level management in the companies, so stay tuned with us!

What do you think, will Task ‘N Go make your experience with existing task management platforms much better?