The Western Balkans Investment Readiness Program

Every startup wants the best for its product or service, but every begining is particularly challenging and crucial for the future success of the company. Fortunately, there are many accelerators, incubators, and programs designed to assist startups during their development journey.

The team of Task ‘N Go, a platform for automation of already existing project management platforms, participated in such a program that offered a variety of benefits for startups - the Western Balkans Investment Readiness Program.

The main organizers of the program were Swiss EP - Swiss Entrepreneurship Program, in partnership with Vestbee and local ecosystem partners from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Virtuo Banja Luka), Kosovo (Women Entrepreneurs Kosovo), Macedonia (Startup Macedonia), and Serbia (Preduzimanje). 

The program started with the Investment Readiness Bootcamp. This Bootcamp was an intensive hands-on course on investment, following 3 live webinars and 4 workshops. The webinars provided the startups with a chance to go over specific topics, while at the workshops they had an opportunity to participate in creating necessary documents and discuss additional questions. These workshops were led by mentors who knew exactly how to transfer their knowledge and experience.

After the Bootcamp, TOP 25 startups were selected to continue with the program. This part of the program included additional sessions, individual meetings with the mentors, and one-on-one mentoring with an investor who has shown interest in them.

The program ended with the MatchIn Investor Forum, held in Tirana, Albania. This forum in Tirana lasted 3 days, and all startups had a chance to pitch in front of around 50 investors. After the pitching, the investors had a chance to have one-on-one meetings with the startups they were interested in.

From a point of view of a startup, which participated in the program, and had a chance to present its product, we can say that we received valuable feedback from the investors. The organization of the program was excellent, and the experience and mentoring were something that helped us in the development of our product Task 'N Go. 

Photo gallery of the event in Tirana and our team: