Panel discussion: Made in Western Balkans

Starting a business is not easy, especially when you operate from a region that faces significant challenges in the global business landscape. The Balkans region is widely known for its unique culture and history, but it also poses a number of obstacles when it comes to developing and running a startup.

Recently, it was our pleasure to attend a panel discussion hosted by the Western Balkans Startup Alliance, that brought together CEOs and Co-Founders of startups from various Balkan countries to discuss their experiences and challenges they have faced along the way. During the discussion, we had the opportunity to showcase our product Task 'N Go and speak with an A2CNN moderator about what we have been working on for the past two years.

Together with two other entrepreneurs from the Balkans, Senita Slipac, Co-Founder & CEO of OREA, and Marin Nikolla, Co-Founder of Rent From Locals, we talked about our journeys as a startup from this region and shared obstacles we have faced individually and as a team working on various problems regarding our products.

It was also our pleasure to hear and learn from the other startups about their strategies for overcoming their own unique challenges in various fields.

What we highlighted as the biggest challenge that startups in the Balkans face, is limited access to funding. Insufficient capital and an unstable business environment make investors hesitant to support startups, forcing businesses to bootstrap and rely solely on their revenue streams to survive.

Another challenge is the absence of a supportive ecosystem. A supportive ecosystem is a vital element for any startup to succeed, but the Balkans region lacks the necessary resources and support for startups to set up and grow their businesses.

The panel not only provided valuable insights, but also gave us the opportunity to establish relationships with the other startups. Through this panel discussion, we were able to share our mission with like-minded entrepreneurs from the region.

We express our gratitude towards the Western Balkans Startup Alliance and moderator Anxhelo Harruni, for putting together such a panel. The pleasant atmosphere created an environment for learning and networking, and we look forward to future events like this, providing further opportunities for us to connect, learn and grow our businesses.

If you weren't able to attend the webinar, don't worry! You can watch the recorded video here: Ecosystem Cafe | Made in Western Balkans - YouTube