Mobile APPs in Project Management


People use mobile phones and apps available on them in almost every aspect of their daily lives. Whether it's banking, weather forecast, listening to music, or e-mail, mobile phones are used to manage everyday things quickly, anytime and anywhere.

But, while mobile phones are very popular for personal use, they are becoming key devices if we want to be successful in business. Companies are increasingly considering task and project management platforms that feature mobile applications. This allows them to be ahead of their competition and provide their employees a flexible way of management and getting information, regardless of whether they are in the office, at home, or on a business trip. 

The step of applying a mobile application for project management enables the company's employees to get a simpler and easier way to implement the data for their work and tasks. When choosing a project management platform, companies should be careful if this platform also has a mobile application that offers at least the base functionality of the computer-based version. 

Therefore, companies and teams that are interested in using a mobile application for project management, and want to get the best for their workflow, should pay attention to the following criteria: 

Security: This criterion can be more convincing if the application has an already well-known and widely used web platform in the background.  

Functionality: This criterion should indicate the fact that the mobile application will be helpful for employees, and that some of the processes will be more effectively used through the mobile app, rather than the computer-based version. 

Possibility of integration: It would be great if the mobile application could be integrated with already existing platforms. 

Interface: Since project management workflow is crucial for a company, make sure that the new tool will be simple to implement and that your employees will love to use it. 

What do you think, can mobile applications make working on project management platforms more effective?